SSYS 2012

MAAYS is participating in SEAMEO Search for Young Scientist (SSYS) 2012!

Join us at SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia from 6th-9th of March 2012. For more information, please visit these sites:

  1. Official SSYS homepage
  2. SSYS Facebook page


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Global Stamp Competition: Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise

The Global Stamp Competition (IUPAC’s CCE, Christiane Reiners and Lida Schoen) was launched at the opening ceremony of IYC 2011 in Paris on January 27-28, 2011. The competition is open to students all over the world in 3 age categories (12-14, 15-18 and undergraduates / teacher students from all subjects (not only chemistry!)


The aim of the global competition is to design a national stamp that reflects on ‘Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise’, showing the chemical impact on the culture and/or every day life in your country. Examples already mentioned are: (South Africa) washing-powder changed life in rural areas, (Egypt) mummies in ancient times and fighting pollution nowadays, (Taiwan) preventing danger of (UV) radiation, (UK) Nobel laureates and (Germany) new medicines.

Submission of your designs

Students can submit their designs to a (moderated) website, the IYC 2011 Global Stamp Competition section of ‘Making the News‘. On the homepage of the publication platform students will find (downloadable) instructions, conditions and guidelines on how to submit your design with your account of the design.

Start of the competition

The competition is launched during the official Opening Ceremony of the UNESCO International Year of Chemistry in Paris, France on January 27-28, 2011. All students can start to submit their contributions now from January 29, 2011 till June 15, 2011.


A panel of experts from IUPAC and all partners will judge the entries. The best entries in the 3 (age) categories will be given notice and their entries will be published on the different websites. National Chemical Societies will be encouraged to publish results of winners and runners up.

Acknowledgement for winning students

The (large) winning stamp designs will be on show during the IYC 2011 Closing Ceremony in Brussels, Belgium on December 1, 2011. Pictures will be taken and a report written, that will be free for dissemination. We even think about inviting winning students to take part in the closing ceremony in Brussels, depending on available funding and organisation.

Questions about the competition

to be directed to Lida Schoen (ages 12-14 and 15-18) and Christiane Reiners (undergraduates and teacher students).

To get more information, anyone interested can visit the Publication Platform or download the Students’ Guideline.

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Google Global Science Fair 2011

Are you interested in getting a scholarship from Google, one of the greatest ICT company these days, a National Geographic experience, a personalized LEGO prize and so much more? Google is looking for the brightest, best young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to students aged 13 to 18 from around the world working on their own or in a team of two or three. For more details, visit the Science Fair Rules page.

How to enter

  • If you don’t already have one, create a Google Account. You will need a Google Account to complete the sign up form.
  • Complete the Google Science Fair sign up form. After you submit the form, you will see an important link on the confirmation page. This link will create the Google project submission site where you will post your science fair project details. Signed up but can’t find the link? Click here to create your Google project submission site.
  • Plan your science project, conduct your experiment, and write up your results.
  • Complete all of the sections of your Google project submission site (see sample project submission site).
  • Create either a two-minute video or 20-slide presentation giving an overview of your project and embed it on the Summary page of your project submission. A video or presentation is required to enter.
  • When your project site is done, make sure to submit it via this form by 4 April 2011.

Detailed instructions and tips for building your project submission can be found in the Resources section of this website.

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Vision Academy

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Entering 2011

There has been an issue regarding images stored locally not displaying correctly. Our hosting company has been contacted and hopefully the issue will be resolved within the next 48 hours.

The site has also been revamped with a new commenting system powered by Disqus!

Certain updates will soon be forthcoming so stay tuned.


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USM Workshop: Project-Based Learning for Science Fairs

In conjunction with USM’s “Karnival Bestari Sains dan Seni” from 5th-9th May 2010, MAAYS advisors and webmasters have organized a workshop for secondary school students. The workshop’s theme is “Integrating Science with Art and Technology”, and teaches students on Project-Based Learning (PBP).

The workshop was held at the second floor of the museum building.

The MAAYS advisors and facilitators with Angkasawan Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed.

MAAYS founder Dr. Kim Phaik Lah explaining the itinerary for the workshop to Dr. Faiz.

Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed sharing his experiences about the trainings he underwent.

After Dr. Faiz’s interesting presentation, registered students and teachers were then asked to make their way to the screening room on the second floor. Dr. Kim gave everyone an introduction of Project-based Learning (PBL), followed by the presentation of award-winning projects by David Yong, also webmaster of MAAYS, on his research on spider-web’s wound healing capabilities, and Muhammad Akram bin Mohd Zubir’s research on Swift Turbidity Marker.

The workshop continued with the participants divided into 6 groups with one facilitator in each group. Every group is required to come up with at least one question and the group members have to discuss on ways to overcome the problems through scientific means, while the facilitators took down everyone’s name. Students were asked to register themselves and continue the discussions as a threaded topic.

Participants discussing in a group.

MAAYS advisor, Dr. Kim also encouraged students to continue solving problems through scientific means and do not stop looking for answers. She said she and the USM lecturers will visit the forum to view the threaded topics of every group and choose the best one. The best group will have the opportunity to present their project during the next workshop.

The MAAYS team was impressed by the creative ideas presented and questions asked by the participants. We hope to see great things from this group of participants!

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Bestari Science Carnival

Dear all,

USM MGTF will be having the annual Carnival Science and Art at the campus from 6 to 9 May 2010. There are more than 20 events going on.

Our MAAYS,net team will be conducting a workshop on Science Project for Science Fairs. Selected participants are invited to attend the workshop on the 8th May 2010. For further information, please contact

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Workshop on SAW and PBL

To all members, there will be a workshop on SAW and PBL from 29th to 30th March 2010 at SEAMEO Recsam. Some teachers and mentors including our very own Dr. Kim and Dr. Ng will conduct workshop sessions.

The details are posted below.

News Announcement /Pengumuman Baru

Workshop on SAW (Science Across the World) and PBL (Project Based Learning)

Bengkel SAW-PBL

Jointly held by/ Anjuran Bersama

SMKA Al-Mashoor Lelaki dan Jabatan Pelajaran Pulau Pinang

Date/ Tarikh: 29 -30 Mac 2010

Place/ Tempat: SEAMEO RECSAM

No. of Participants/ Bil Peserta: 40 Pelajar

Participanting School / Sekolah Terlibat:

1. SMKA Al-Mashoor Lelaki (20 Pelajar + 2 Guru)

2. SM Laki-laki Methodist (4 P) + 1 guru)

3. SMK Penang Free (4 P + 1 guru)

4. SMJK Union (4 P (perempuan) + 1 guru)

5. SMK Abdullah Munshi (4 P (2 lelaki, 2 perempuan) + 1 guru)

6. SMK (P) Sri Mutiara (4 P (perempuan) + 1 guru)

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International Conference & Youth Summit 2010

To all MAAYS members, this is a PBL conference organised by iEARN that might be of your interest.
(International Education and Resource Network)
Connecting Youth…Making a Difference in the World
iEARN IN ACTION: Special Conference News
Register Now for the 17th Annual iEARN Conference and 14th Annual Youth Summit in Barrie, Canada (outside of Toronto), July 12-17, 2010!

Early Bird rates for the iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit are avaliabe until March 31. Please register and pay for the conference to qualify for the Early Bird discount. Registration and Payment forms are avaliable at:  For questions regarding registration, please contact  We will only be able to accept registrations until June 10th, so please register early to assure your place at the conference. After that date, we can not guarantee accommodations at the conference venue.
Are you interested in sharing your project, student work or best practices in education? Please participate as a presenter at the conference. Call for Presenter forms are accessible at:
Visas for Canada
Visa applications to Canada might take a few weeks to process at the Canadian Embassies. We are in the process of preparing Letters of Invitation for the conference. If you require a Letter of Invitation to apply for your Visa to Canada, please complete the form at: Please also be aware that we can not send the Letters of Invitation directly to the Embassies.
We look forward to seeing you all as we meet together to “Catch the Dream” in Canada.
About the iEARN Annual Conference and Youth Summit:
Join hundreds of educators, students, administrators and partner organizations who come together annually from 50-70 countries to share how they are using technology to build global understanding and enhance teaching and learning!  We encourage all who want to make their education programs more global, and who believe that students can make a difference in the world when they work together on collaborative online projects, to join this global gathering.
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SSYS – Winners’ List

As promised, here are the winners’ list for the SSYS 2010 which was held at RECSAM.

Science Category

List One: the Most Promising Young Scientists Awards

“ Evaluating Different Methods of Synthesizing Biodiesel”

By Lee Men Quan, Derrick Toh Yong and Seng, Khoo Chun Yuet from Singapore

List Two: the Outstanding Awards for Significant Projects

“A design of wind power generator with low wind speed and low cost”

By Cheng Sophal, Phal and Songhak from  Cambodia

List Three: the Outstanding Awards

(1)-Outstanding Award for Research Report

“Swift Turbidity Marker”

by Muhammad Akram, Bin Mohd Zubir,, Muhamad Ruzairie Bin Rusli

From Malaysia

(2) the Outstanding Award for Presentation of Exhibit

“Preliminary Analysis of Water Quality Parameters and Population Density of Chironomous sp. As Pollution Bioindicator”

By Shairaine Nieves C. and Catabay  from Philippines

(3) the Outstanding Award for Presentation in Congress

“Xanthophyllum amoenum as an eco-friendly natural grease remover & metal


By Audrey ak and Alexander Likow from Malaysia

List Four: Special Awards

(1) Special Award for Immediate Benefit to the Local Community: Science category

“Soil improvement with soilborne bacteria and EM microorganism”

By Nuttapon Pombubpa from Thailand

(2) Special Award for Educational Contribution for Economy,

Environment and Society

“Reuse waste paper to grow mushroom: Reuse papernapkin to grow mushrooms and vegetable sprout”

By Ngo Huong Tra, Le Tuan Viet from Vietnam

(3) Special Award for Commercial Potential Development of a Product for Societyand Environment

“Javanese Ginseng Competitiveness with Korean Ginseng”

By Amadea Nuurunnisaa from Indonesia

(4) Special Award for the Application of Science Principles and Processes

“Sustainability of stream quality in Lumapas”

By Nurul Syahiirah Bte  Hj Abd Rahman, Siti Amirah Bte Hj Yussof from Brunei

(5) Special Award for Creativity / Innovation

“Electronic plant prototype to absorb and remove the carbon compounds using zeolites as stomata for reduction efforts on global warming securities, Indonesia”

By M. Aryanda Ondrio, Nisa Zulhikmah from Indonesia

(6) Special Award for Application of Technology in Relation to Congress    Theme

“Sustainable Flood Warning System”

By  Wong Yoong Wern from Malaysia

List Five: Consolation Prizes

(1) “Pollen Viability of Ixora coccinea exposed to differenttraffic

densities in Iloilo City, Philippines”

by Maryam Jazzmine D. Azucena, Angebvi A. Sepino from Philippines

2. “Characterization of the bacterial blight resistance in Oryza

sativa L. (Poacea): An immunoinvestigative study on partial identification of diverse propagation resistant to damping-off  diseases from Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Oryzae “

by Michael Ray P.  Tobias, Joyce Ann  Camilee A. Rodriguez fromPhilippines

(3) “Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) as  Tilapia niloticus Linn.  Munobooster and growth enhancer: Delivering a healtier feed stock for aquaculture industries

By Medy C. Estonactor, Abegail S. Borja, Tristan Ivan A. Chong from Philippines

4.      “Thermoelastic property and biochemical activity of GPRCNSL

suspended ratios an innovative reinforcement to improve Styrofoam biocompostability”

by Aizel Cate S. Equipaje, Llora Glenise L. Suzara, fromPhilippines

5. “Monitoring of Banate Bay, Anilao Central Philippines for Coastal Resource Management”

By Paul Dwayne T. Villalobos from Philippines

6. “Prospecting the Philippine mushroom diversity: A Study on

the influence of its protein on the cytotoxicity and

antimicrobial property of selected wild mushrooms”

by Steve Bryan Marcelo, Maria Angelica M. Chiu from Philippines

7. Comparative studies on different absorbents for copper

removal in gold smelting waste waters in Marilao-Meycauayan-Obando River System in Bulacan

by Erna Mae G. Antonio, Angela Mae S. Aldon from Philippines

8. “Natural Shore Cleaners”

By  Lee Jing Yao, Lim Wei Kang fromMalaysia

9. “A Novel Glass from Rice Hulls (Oryza sativa Linn) and Oyster

Shells (Crassostrea iredalei)”

By Geraldine H. Serrano, Ma. Veronica T. Pajarillo from Philippines

10. “Colorful functional eggs: The production of carotenoidenriched eggs exhibiting yellow and red yolk by using pumpkin and chili supplemented food”

By Pradthana Sanglam from Thailand

11. “Iron (Fe2+) and Nickel (Ni2+) Uptake of Mangkono

(Xanthostemon verdugonianus Naves.) and Lagilagi (Syzygium sp.): Potential Phytoremediators of Iron and Nickel Rich Soils in the Rehabilitation of Taganito Mining Corporation, Claver,

Surigao del Norte, Philippines”

By Lyca D. Lim, Mark Christian A. Clerino from Philippines

12. “A Study of the Optimum Recovery of Melanin from Waste

Sources and its Application in Cosmetic products”

By Toh Zheng Xiang, Ng Chow Hui, Chan Wei from Singapore

13. “Aceltylated Coir Dust in Bioabsobtion of Crude Oil “

By Romely H. Escobido, Kyle, Patrick Y. Eugenio, Manuel S. Vidal Jr., Joanna Mae S. Larin from Philippines

(14) “Introducing an incredible curtain which can save and produce electric energy”

By Pathummaly Phommachanh, Phetnary Souvannarath from Lao PDR

15. “Application of Biofilter Using Dead Stony Corals on the

Removal of Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) Metal in Drinking Water &

Lead (Pb) present in contaminated waste water effluent collected in

An abandoned mining

By Roent Mark Aperacho, Edison O. Lapuz from Philippines

16. “Culture Based Fisheries in the Local Community, Lao PDR”

By Valayphone Khamdeng, Malisa Khammanichanh fromLao PDR

17. “Determination and quantification of benzene and toluene in

gasoline using gas chromatography and flame ionization detector (EID)

By Phal Songhak, Cheng Sophal fromCambodia

18. Novelty Items from the skin of Starry Trigger FIsh (Abalistes stellaris) and Slender Pinjalo (Pinjalo lewisi)

By Kim Robert C. de Leon, Marwin D. Ibanez from Philippines

Mathematics Category

List One: Most Promising Young Scientists Awards

“Power To The People – An Investigation Into The Use Of Jatropha For Rural

Electrification, Lao PDR”

By Fonnapha Taymany and Anou Souvannavong from Lao PDR

List Two: the Outstanding Awards for Significant Projects

“Microbial Chorale: Characterization Of Microorganisms In Agricultural,

Industrial And Food Storage Through Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)Analysis”

By Jeselle Baldomero, James Patrick and Balagtas from Philippines

List Three: the Outstanding Awards

1—the Outstanding Award for Research Report

“Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emission From Municipal Solid Wastes By “

Recovering The Wastes To Generate Electricity

By Touch Sopheak, and Seang Nam from Cambodia

2—the Outstanding Award for Presentation of Exhibit

“ Power To The People – An Investigation Into The Use Of Jatropha For Rural

Electrification, Lao PDR”

By Fonnapha Taymany, Anou and Souvannavong from Lao PDR

3—the Outstanding Award for Presentation in Congress

“ Mathematics In The Ethnic Arts Of Borneo”

By Sherlyn Lai Hui Ern and Audrey Alexander from Malaysia

List Four: the Special Awards

(1)  Special Award for Immediate Benefit to the Local Community

“Establish And Manage “Environmental Fund” Project In Secondary


By Le Phuong Anh, Nguyen Duy Khanh from Vietnam

(2) Special Award for Educational Contribution for Economy, Environment and  Society

Mathematics In The Ethnic Arts Of Borneo

By Sherlyn Lai Hui Ern, Audrey Alexander from Malaysia

(3) Special Award for Commercial Potential Development of a Product for Society and Environment

“apping Of Tourist Attractions In Loei Province Of Thailand By Using Graph Theory”

By Thanisara Chan- Uan, Jakkra Sombatwong, Pimchanok Ngamsawad from and

(4) Special Award for the Application of Mathematics Principles and Processes

“Application Of Radical Centre To Determine The Optimal

Location For Police Stations”

By Khoo Yong Jie, Chan Yi Hao, Pey Chiun Yuan from Singapore

(5) Special Award for Creativity / Innovation

“Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emission From Municipal Solid  Wastes By Recovering The Wastes To Generate Electricity

By Touch Sopheak, Seang Nam from Cambodia

(6) Special Award for Application of Technology in Relation to Congress


“Power to the people – An investigation into the use of Jatropha for

ruralelectrification, Lao PDR”

By Fonnapha Taymany, Anou Souvannavong from Lao PDR

List Five: Consolation Prizes

(1) “Achievement Financial Calculator”

By Khariul Arrif Bin Mohamad, Awangku Muhd. Izzan Zulfiquah Bin Pengiran Abu

Bakar Sani from Brunei

(2) “ Mathematical Modelling Of The Stomatal Response Of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis L. To PM10 Pollution”

By Jason A. Villaluna, Nicole Dane L. Navea from Philippines

2. “Profile Of Minimum Number Of Blocks In Different Shapes Used For Paving A Rectangular Path”

By Apichayaporn Ratkata  from Thailand

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