Happy New Year! From us @ MAAYS | MAAYS.net

Happy New Year! From us @ MAAYS

Happy New Year! From us @ MAAYS

Dear valued members,

2009 had been a great year for us at MAAYS, and we are sure it was a great one for you too! The year 2009 is full of memories: happy, sad, surprising events, regardless, we should always keep a positive mind and keep our chins up. The year 2010 will be a promising one, so don’t forget to start planning!

For the year 2010, we plan to expand our online community, aiming for as many as 500 regular members for the forum. Besides that, we are planning to hold some forum-based online competitions, such as the Best Forummer of the Month Award, not to mention that the i2Discovery online activity is currently in the submission period, which means you can submit your entries right now! Take note that after due consideration, the MAAYS team has decided to extend the submission period for the scientific research projects, as to let more young researchers participate in this activity that promises hands-on experience on researching and writing a report. The new deadline for submission of your research papers falls on the 31st of January 2010. You may submit your research papers to the following email address: i2discovery@maays.net

We thank you for your support for the MAAYS online e-Research platform. We hope this new year will be a promising one for you, Happy New Year 2010!

Best regards,

The MAAYS Team


cheeyi@gmail.com – Ong Chee Yi

davidyong12@gmail.com – David Yong

(Forum administrators and webmasters.)

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