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Updates on Project i2Discovery

As of this week, we have decided to stop accepting new entries for the Project i2Discovery.

The projects have been submitted for judging by a selected panel.

Results will be announced in the near future.

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Resource Modules for Tutors and Students

Resource Modules for Tutors and Students

MAAYS mentor, Dr. Kim Phaik Lah, has provided a series of research training modules for both tutors and students. The training modules are in the form of Powerpoint presentations and have already been uploaded to Scribd and the forum.

Head over to the forum NOW to take a look for yourself!

Tutors who are interested in these modules can download and implement them.

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Blogging Mania

Blogging Mania

Your can now reach out to your friendly MAAYS web administrators by visiting their personal blogs!

They are, respectively:
sifiliA http://www.sifilia.com/ David Yong Seng Chai

Simplicity http://cheeyi.net/ Ong Chee Yi

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Topic Discussion – February

Topic Discussion – February

Ever feel that the forum is dying? Well, not any more! The admins came up with an idea for monthly topic discussions. Every month, there will be different topics released for members to discuss on. For February, the topic is

Uprooting toxic waste, in a cheap way.

Members are encouraged to express opinions on this topic, be it positive or negative. Whether you are supporting or against uprooting toxic waste through biotech means, your opinions will help to keep the discussion moving. Now, FIRE AWAY!

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