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SSYS 2010

SSYS is a regional congress conducted in RECSAM, Penang in the form of a Science Exhibition/Congress for youths to embark on scientific and technological research projects.

SSYS 2010 will be held on the 2nd to 5th of March 2010, which means it’s going to start tomorrow! Participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Phillipines, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia will be there for the duration of the event.

The MAAYS team took the opportunity to visit the venue and snapped some pics for your viewing pleasure. A sneak peek before the actual event!

SEAMEO Hall, this is where the participants are going to present their projects.

Everything is set and ready to go!

Here is a brief introduction related to SSYS 2010. More information available at the forum and the SSYS official site.

The 7th Regional congress “Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists” (SSYS) 2010

Theme: Sustainable Solution for the Local Community
Special awards (same for both Science/Mathematics)
(1) Immediate benefit to the local community
(2) Educational contribution
(3) Commercial potential
(4) Application of science/mathematics principles and processes
(5) Scientific/Mathematics creativity/innovation
(6) Application of technology in relation with congress theme

Outstanding awards:
(1) Research report
(2) Presentation of exhibits
(3) Presentation in congress
(4) Significant project
(5) Most promising young scientist(s) for Science/Mathematics

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