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Occasion: SSYS 2010

Time: 1430-1630 hours

We tweeted yesterday that we are going to RECSAM today to attend the presentation by the participants on their research projects. And, as promised, here are the pics!

We went there right after school ended and had our lunch (2 Big Macs, fries and Coke) in the car. When we reached there, the presentation session had already begun, but we went in and sat down. We met MAAYS mentors Dr. Kim and Ms. Ng as well.

The SEAMEO Hall was filled with participants from different countries. Although their accents were different, but it’s still a weird feeling to think that all humans are united under the English language, which is a comforting thought.

There are judges from different countries, and thinking that he will have an edge over the others, one participant said “Aligato“, which means thank you in Japanese, when he noticed one of the judges are Japanese.

Each group has 10 minutes to present on their research projects. Then, 2 minutes were given for the audience to express their doubts by asking questions.

We are going to attend a forum about “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) As A Tool of Innovation Development in New Ventures” by Dr Helena Forsman on Friday. Stay tuned!

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