Workshop on SAW and PBL |

Workshop on SAW and PBL

To all members, there will be a workshop on SAW and PBL from 29th to 30th March 2010 at SEAMEO Recsam. Some teachers and mentors including our very own Dr. Kim and Dr. Ng will conduct workshop sessions.

The details are posted below.

News Announcement /Pengumuman Baru

Workshop on SAW (Science Across the World) and PBL (Project Based Learning)

Bengkel SAW-PBL

Jointly held by/ Anjuran Bersama

SMKA Al-Mashoor Lelaki dan Jabatan Pelajaran Pulau Pinang

Date/ Tarikh: 29 -30 Mac 2010

Place/ Tempat: SEAMEO RECSAM

No. of Participants/ Bil Peserta: 40 Pelajar

Participanting School / Sekolah Terlibat:

1. SMKA Al-Mashoor Lelaki (20 Pelajar + 2 Guru)

2. SM Laki-laki Methodist (4 P) + 1 guru)

3. SMK Penang Free (4 P + 1 guru)

4. SMJK Union (4 P (perempuan) + 1 guru)

5. SMK Abdullah Munshi (4 P (2 lelaki, 2 perempuan) + 1 guru)

6. SMK (P) Sri Mutiara (4 P (perempuan) + 1 guru)

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