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USM Workshop: Project-Based Learning for Science Fairs

In conjunction with USM’s “Karnival Bestari Sains dan Seni” from 5th-9th May 2010, MAAYS advisors and webmasters have organized a workshop for secondary school students. The workshop’s theme is “Integrating Science with Art and Technology”, and teaches students on Project-Based Learning (PBP).

The workshop was held at the second floor of the museum building.

The MAAYS advisors and facilitators with Angkasawan Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed.

MAAYS founder Dr. Kim Phaik Lah explaining the itinerary for the workshop to Dr. Faiz.

Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed sharing his experiences about the trainings he underwent.

After Dr. Faiz’s interesting presentation, registered students and teachers were then asked to make their way to the screening room on the second floor. Dr. Kim gave everyone an introduction of Project-based Learning (PBL), followed by the presentation of award-winning projects by David Yong, also webmaster of MAAYS, on his research on spider-web’s wound healing capabilities, and Muhammad Akram bin Mohd Zubir’s research on Swift Turbidity Marker.

The workshop continued with the participants divided into 6 groups with one facilitator in each group. Every group is required to come up with at least one question and the group members have to discuss on ways to overcome the problems through scientific means, while the facilitators took down everyone’s name. Students were asked to register themselves and continue the discussions as a threaded topic.

Participants discussing in a group.

MAAYS advisor, Dr. Kim also encouraged students to continue solving problems through scientific means and do not stop looking for answers. She said she and the USM lecturers will visit the forum to view the threaded topics of every group and choose the best one. The best group will have the opportunity to present their project during the next workshop.

The MAAYS team was impressed by the creative ideas presented and questions asked by the participants. We hope to see great things from this group of participants!

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Bestari Science Carnival

Dear all,

USM MGTF will be having the annual Carnival Science and Art at the campus from 6 to 9 May 2010. There are more than 20 events going on.

Our MAAYS,net team will be conducting a workshop on Science Project for Science Fairs. Selected participants are invited to attend the workshop on the 8th May 2010. For further information, please contact

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