Global Stamp Competition: Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise

The Global Stamp Competition (IUPAC’s CCE, Christiane Reiners and Lida Schoen) was launched at the opening ceremony of IYC 2011 in Paris on January 27-28, 2011. The competition is open to students all over the world in 3 age categories (12-14, 15-18 and undergraduates / teacher students from all subjects (not only chemistry!)


The aim of the global competition is to design a national stamp that reflects on ‘Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise’, showing the chemical impact on the culture and/or every day life in your country. Examples already mentioned are: (South Africa) washing-powder changed life in rural areas, (Egypt) mummies in ancient times and fighting pollution nowadays, (Taiwan) preventing danger of (UV) radiation, (UK) Nobel laureates and (Germany) new medicines.

Submission of your designs

Students can submit their designs to a (moderated) website, the IYC 2011 Global Stamp Competition section of ‘Making the News‘. On the homepage of the publication platform students will find (downloadable) instructions, conditions and guidelines on how to submit your design with your account of the design.

Start of the competition

The competition is launched during the official Opening Ceremony of the UNESCO International Year of Chemistry in Paris, France on January 27-28, 2011. All students can start to submit their contributions now from January 29, 2011 till June 15, 2011.


A panel of experts from IUPAC and all partners will judge the entries. The best entries in the 3 (age) categories will be given notice and their entries will be published on the different websites. National Chemical Societies will be encouraged to publish results of winners and runners up.

Acknowledgement for winning students

The (large) winning stamp designs will be on show during the IYC 2011 Closing Ceremony in Brussels, Belgium on December 1, 2011. Pictures will be taken and a report written, that will be free for dissemination. We even think about inviting winning students to take part in the closing ceremony in Brussels, depending on available funding and organisation.

Questions about the competition

to be directed to Lida Schoen (ages 12-14 and 15-18) and Christiane Reiners (undergraduates and teacher students).

To get more information, anyone interested can visit the Publication Platform or download the Students’ Guideline.

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