- Part 2

Register @ the forum!

All SSYS participants can head over to the forum to interact and participate in dialogues.

Just click on the links below!

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SSYS – So what’s next?

SSYS came to an end last Friday, and we’re sure all of the participants enjoyed it a lot, especially those who gave us enthusiastic replies during the interviews!

We’re sorry for the lack of updates this week as the webmasters David and Chee Yi are having exams. We will post the list of winners for SSYS 2010 as soon as we get it from RECSAM.

Meanwhile, as you’re waiting for the winners’ list to be posted up, you can visit the forum and kick off discussion and interact with fellow SSYS participants, sharing your experiences and photos!

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MAAYS sister blogs

David’s sifiliA

Chee Yi’s Simplicity

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SSYS 2010: Insight

Webmasters’ Journal


Occasion: SSYS 2010

Time: 1430-1630 hours

We tweeted yesterday that we are going to RECSAM today to attend the presentation by the participants on their research projects. And, as promised, here are the pics!

We went there right after school ended and had our lunch (2 Big Macs, fries and Coke) in the car. When we reached there, the presentation session had already begun, but we went in and sat down. We met MAAYS mentors Dr. Kim and Ms. Ng as well.

The SEAMEO Hall was filled with participants from different countries. Although their accents were different, but it’s still a weird feeling to think that all humans are united under the English language, which is a comforting thought.

There are judges from different countries, and thinking that he will have an edge over the others, one participant said “Aligato“, which means thank you in Japanese, when he noticed one of the judges are Japanese.

Each group has 10 minutes to present on their research projects. Then, 2 minutes were given for the audience to express their doubts by asking questions.

We are going to attend a forum about “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) As A Tool of Innovation Development in New Ventures” by Dr Helena Forsman on Friday. Stay tuned!

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SSYS 2010

SSYS is a regional congress conducted in RECSAM, Penang in the form of a Science Exhibition/Congress for youths to embark on scientific and technological research projects.

SSYS 2010 will be held on the 2nd to 5th of March 2010, which means it’s going to start tomorrow! Participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Phillipines, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia will be there for the duration of the event.

The MAAYS team took the opportunity to visit the venue and snapped some pics for your viewing pleasure. A sneak peek before the actual event!

SEAMEO Hall, this is where the participants are going to present their projects.

Everything is set and ready to go!

Here is a brief introduction related to SSYS 2010. More information available at the forum and the SSYS official site.

The 7th Regional congress “Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists” (SSYS) 2010

Theme: Sustainable Solution for the Local Community
Special awards (same for both Science/Mathematics)
(1) Immediate benefit to the local community
(2) Educational contribution
(3) Commercial potential
(4) Application of science/mathematics principles and processes
(5) Scientific/Mathematics creativity/innovation
(6) Application of technology in relation with congress theme

Outstanding awards:
(1) Research report
(2) Presentation of exhibits
(3) Presentation in congress
(4) Significant project
(5) Most promising young scientist(s) for Science/Mathematics

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Updates on Project i2Discovery

As of this week, we have decided to stop accepting new entries for the Project i2Discovery.

The projects have been submitted for judging by a selected panel.

Results will be announced in the near future.

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Resource Modules for Tutors and Students

Resource Modules for Tutors and Students

MAAYS mentor, Dr. Kim Phaik Lah, has provided a series of research training modules for both tutors and students. The training modules are in the form of Powerpoint presentations and have already been uploaded to Scribd and the forum.

Head over to the forum NOW to take a look for yourself!

Tutors who are interested in these modules can download and implement them.

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Blogging Mania

Blogging Mania

Your can now reach out to your friendly MAAYS web administrators by visiting their personal blogs!

They are, respectively:
sifiliA David Yong Seng Chai

Simplicity Ong Chee Yi

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Topic Discussion – February

Topic Discussion – February

Ever feel that the forum is dying? Well, not any more! The admins came up with an idea for monthly topic discussions. Every month, there will be different topics released for members to discuss on. For February, the topic is

Uprooting toxic waste, in a cheap way.

Members are encouraged to express opinions on this topic, be it positive or negative. Whether you are supporting or against uprooting toxic waste through biotech means, your opinions will help to keep the discussion moving. Now, FIRE AWAY!
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Happy New Year! From us @ MAAYS

Happy New Year! From us @ MAAYS

Dear valued members,

2009 had been a great year for us at MAAYS, and we are sure it was a great one for you too! The year 2009 is full of memories: happy, sad, surprising events, regardless, we should always keep a positive mind and keep our chins up. The year 2010 will be a promising one, so don’t forget to start planning!

For the year 2010, we plan to expand our online community, aiming for as many as 500 regular members for the forum. Besides that, we are planning to hold some forum-based online competitions, such as the Best Forummer of the Month Award, not to mention that the i2Discovery online activity is currently in the submission period, which means you can submit your entries right now! Take note that after due consideration, the MAAYS team has decided to extend the submission period for the scientific research projects, as to let more young researchers participate in this activity that promises hands-on experience on researching and writing a report. The new deadline for submission of your research papers falls on the 31st of January 2010. You may submit your research papers to the following email address:

We thank you for your support for the MAAYS online e-Research platform. We hope this new year will be a promising one for you, Happy New Year 2010!

Best regards,

The MAAYS Team

Enquiries: – Ong Chee Yi – David Yong

(Forum administrators and webmasters.)

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