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The MAAYS team is glad to present a new pilot project:
MAAYSnet Searching for Young Scientists

Project-i2discovery is a search for new young scientists through the a project research based competition. Either individually or in teams, participants will prepare a preliminary research paper.

There are three stages in this Project-i2discovery.

1. Stage One: Unearthing New Researchers (November till January 2010)

To participate, you only need to:

* Register as MAAYS Forum Member

* Participate as an individual or as team (not more than three individuals).

* Choose a URL for your blog which cannot be changed. Please notify the adminstrator at

* Prepare your preliminary research paper using the Guidelines on research paper (viewing available here)

* Upload your preliminary research paper to your blog

* Visit your own blog frequently;

* Upgrade you preliminary paper and repost after getting feedback and exchanges from your blog viewers.

Participants will be required to submit their finalised paper on the 5th of January.

[Note : Besides having peer blog members viewing your blog, MAAYSnet Project i2discovery team has Science Community Researchers (SCR) assigned to view your blog and may comment on your paper. They may also view other blog members’ views, comments, feedbacks and give suggestions.]

2. Stage Two: Discovering “Budding Young Scientists” (BYS) (February – March 2010)

MAAYSnet will shortlist several teams of bloggers from the Stage One participants and assign them with Project i2discovery mentors. These bloggers will be known as BYS. The assigned mentors will groom them and enable them to improve their experiment protocols designed and report preparation.

3. Stage Three: Grooming Budding Young Talents (March – September 2010)

The BYS will have to set their new blogs after the grooming sessions with mentors and attend e-live forum where they will be selected as “Ambassadors” to represent MAAYSnet in the 7th SSYS Regional Congress (2 to 5 March 2010) at RESCAM, Penang and other events which will groom these young talent to be potentially great scientists.
Information on the judging criterias can be obtained from the forum. Click HERE to be redirected to the forum.

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SSYS 2010

The ‘Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists’ (SSYS) is a regional congress conducted in RECSAM in the form of a Science Exhibition/Congress for youths to embark on scientific and technological research projects.

Here is a brief introduction related to SSYS 2010. More information available at the forum and the SSYS official site.

The 7th Regional congress “Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists” (SSYS) 2010

Theme: Sustainable Solution for the Local Community
Special awards (same for both Science/Mathematics)
(1) Immediate benefit to the local community
(2) Educational contribution
(3) Commercial potential
(4) Application of science/mathematics principles and processes
(5) Scientific/Mathematics creativity/innovation
(6) Application of technology in relation with congress theme

Outstanding awards:
(1) Research report
(2) Presentation of exhibits
(3) Presentation in congress
(4) Significant project
(5) Most promising young scientist(s) for Science/Mathematics

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Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter!

We are pleased to announce that is going tweeting with Twitter! Twitter, a micro-blogging site, allows people from all over the world to keep in touch with certain cliques, or stay tuned with updates from a certain person or organization.

We wouldn’t want to miss all that fun, so follow on Twitter now!

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Interesting upcoming events:

1. Scientific blogging competition.

2. SSYS 2010

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Changes to be made

Changes to be made

As this is a multi-user version of WordPress, multi-blogs are expected. Here are a few sneak peeks to what the team is working on right now.

First of all, there will be a forum, which users and visitors can post and share content and experience in scientific research. Besides that, there will also be a lot of fun sections just to keep you entertained! Useful posts will be stickied as reference for all.

User registration will be open as soon as we are done with the testing of the site. Users who are interested in the upcoming blogging competition (more details to be revealed) may register as a blogger and start to post their research works. Rules and regulations of the competition have yet to be decided.

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Hello world!

Hello world!

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to, an e-Research platform for researchers to interact and exchange informations related to scientific researches.

As the website is still under construction, technical problems with features of the site such as user registration, blog creation, commenting and such will be disabled as of now. However, rest assured that they will be up and running as soon as we are finished with the basic test runs.

Last, but not least, thanks for visiting!

The MAAYS team.

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